RUSOPS 7.62X39 124 GRAIN FMJ (Case 1000rds)




RusOps 7.62x39mm non-corrosive ammunition is made at the world-famous Vympel plant in Russia for training, competition, and general range use. Lacquered steel casings prevent rust or corrosion from setting in, making RusOps ammo a great choice for stockpiling and prepping. The bimetal 124-grain FMJ bullet has a balanced lead core, perfect for blasting holes in paper targets or knocking down steel silhouettes at safe distances. These Russian 7.62 cartridges can help you sharpen your skills, compete, shoot recreationally, and push your marksmanship abilities.

  • RusOps 7.62×39 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket
  • Made in Russia at the Vympel Factory
  • Bimetal Jacket, Lead Core
  • Lacquered Steel Case
  • Berdan Primed, non-corrosive

Ideal for use in any 7.62×39 weapon from the classic AK-47, AKM, or other variants like the VEPR, M70, WASR 10, and even AR-15 platform uppers chambered in 7.62×39. If you have been wanting to get some range time with your favorite 7.62×39 firearms, order a few boxes of this RusOps 7.62×39 124-grain full metal jacket online now! When it arrives on your doorstep, grab your favorite 7.62×39 firearm and mags and hit the range!

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