Halo Optics Halo Optics XLR2000 Rangefinder




Hunters who push deep into the woods need the ultimate tools. The Halo Optics XLR2000 provides ranging capabilities up to a staggering 2,000 yards with the ability to instantaneously range between multiple targets for accurate readings up to plus or minus 1 yard. The interior of the XLR2000 is upgraded with a red OLED and premium glass optical lenses, protected by a water-resistant housing meticulously designed for a comfortable grip. Feels good in your hand, functions even better. This hunting rangefinder simply can’t be beat.

Shipping Width 5.3
Dimension Width 5.83
Shipping Height 2.7
Shipping Length 6.0
Dimension Height 5.24
Dimension Length 10.55


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